Demo of loopable flight animation, with a fancy spin just for you!

Environment concept for a game development project

Character concept for a low-poly game development project

Concept for game design character animation

Concept art for 3D Super Meat Boy level, for final Graded Unit

3D Test render of the paper man

Proof of concept image (1)

Proof of concept image (5)

Concept image before being developed into proof of concept

The paper man created in 3D (with coloured pencil filter)

Sketchbook work designing the feel of the character.

Early concept work for the self-brief

Sketchbook work exploring mood for a self-brief.

Early character concept work for 1st year project


Various bits of student work done for one project or another, with a focus on 3D design and animation.

May 2015
3D Software & Sketchbook Work
3D Software
3Ds Max 2015