3rd Year. Animation created to support Research essay on abstraction and stylisation.

3rd Year. Frame by frame character animation for games.

2nd Year (Graded) “Super Meat Boy 3D” trailer for an environment design brief.

1st Year (Graded). Designed as a creative visualisation of a 3D model based on an old college campus.

Rocket Goat animation, done over christmas, using Johnny Frizz’s soundtrack (Stadium Wave)

2nd Year (Semester 1) A self-written brief focussed on character expressiveness. This brief was written as an animated prelude to a larger scale anti-bullying campaign.

2nd Year (Graded) “Game For It” game trailer for a fictional game

Animation Videos

Animations that have been made over the past couple of years as a student, varying from very quick homebrew projects to full time college work.

College and Personal Study
Finished Animated Videos