Examples of three of the characters which I conceptualised and created art for, as well as the card layout design which was created by myself and another artist.

Promotional art created for limited edition versions of cards and merchandise for the game.

Promotional photo of the game brought to life as cards in order to demo the game to the public before crowdfunding.

Process for the style and layout iterations for the cards, starting from when I simply had the cards as a personal art project, and all the way up to the final art ready for distribution.

Skulls & Gold

Examples of some of the work I’ve produced for Skulls & Gold.
Skulls & Gold is a tabletop card game I created solely as an art project, but after some time developed into a more intriguing concept that I took with me to Wrench Games and continued developing full force with them.

Lead Artist & Project Manager
Wrench Games
Summer, 2016
Tabletop Card Game