Planned final artwork for the cards, laid out to demonstrate the panorama effect of the cards.

Panorama of the all the card art used across the full 1st edition of the game, and how it can all fit together when cards are aligned in any order. Panorama also includes extra transition art.

An example card of each of the three types of cards. The other variations differ in art only, and are designed to slot alongside other cards of the same type in order to create mini panoramas.

Promotional Image for the game, including printed cards and working app, ready for demo before crowdfunding.

Blind Wizard Brawl

A game I created as a proof of concept towards my Honours Project, researching physical and digital media combined in tabletop games. The game seemed to be somewhat of a success in testing and demoing to peers, so we decided to take it forward and improve the art for it, and get the app fully realised.

Designer and Artist
Wrench Games
Phygital Card Game